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News archive May-December 2005

News[21-08-2005]: Sveta lost the Quarterfinal fight, more against her injured back than against Dulko, 6:7, 6:7!

News[17-08-2005]: After a Round 1-bye, Sveta won her Round 2-match against Medina Garrigues 2:6, 7:5, 6:4! She'll face either Dulko or Golovin in Round 3.

News[17-08-2005]: The Toronto draw has been announced! Sveta is seeded 3rd.

News[06-08-2005]: Sveta lost to Sugiyama 6:2, 4:6, 3:6!

News[04-08-2005]: Sveta plays her Last 16-match against Sugiyama today! Schedule

News[03-08-2005]: Sveta won her Round 2-match against Koukalova 7:5, 6:3! She'll face either Hantuchova or Sugiyama in the Last 16.

News[02-08-2005]: Sveta faces Koukalova in her Round 2-match today! Schedule

News[01-08-2005]: Sveta is the 2nd seed in San Diego! After a Round 1-bye she'll face either Koukalova or Linetskaya in Round 2. Draw

News[03-07-2005]: Sveta and Amélie lost their doubles-Final match against Black/Huber 2:6, 1:6! But what a nice first teaming-up, finishing Wimbledon as Grand Slam doubles Runner ups!

News[03-07-2005]: Sveta and Amélie play their doubles-Final match against Black/Huber today! Schedule

News[02-07-2005]: Sveta and Amélie reached the doubles Final! They won their Quarterfinal-doubles match against Likhovtseva/Zvonareva 6:3, 6:7, 6:1 and their Semifinal-doubles match against Groenefeld/Navratilova 6:4, 6:4 today!

News[30-06-2005]: Sveta and Amélie play their Quarterfinal-doubles match against Likhovtseva/Zvonareva today! Schedule

News[29-06-2005]: Sveta and Amélie finished their suspended Round 3-doubles match with a victory! They beat McShea/Spears 7:6, 6:2.

News[28-06-2005]: Sveta's and Amélie's Round 3-doubles match has been suspended at a 6:5-lead in the first set and will be continued tomorrow! Schedule

News[28-06-2005]: Sveta lost her Quartefinal match against Davenport 6:7, 3:6!

News[28-06-2005]: Sveta faces Davenport in her Quarterfinal match today! Sveta and Amélie play their Round 3-doubles match against McShea/Spears today, too! Schedule

News[27-06-2005]: Sveta's birthday causes ground for a little surprise - for all of you! You can find it in the Biography section!

News[27-06-2005]: A delightful birthday match for Sveta! She beat Maleeva 6:4, 6:3!

News[27-06-2005]: Sveta faces Maleeva in her Round 4-match today! Schedule

News[27-06-2005]: Sveta and Amélie beat Granville/Lee in their Round 2-doubles match 6:1, 6:2!

News[27-06-2005]: Another three sets, another victory! Sveta beat Vaidisova 7:5, 6:7, 6:2!

News[27-06-2005]: Sveta turns 20 today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

News[24-06-2005]: Sveta faces Vaidisova in her Round 3-match today! Schedule

News[24-06-2005]: Sveta and Amélie won their Round 1-doubles match against Cervanova/Koukalova after a sluggish starting 7:5, 6:2!

News[23-06-2005]: Sveta and Amélie play their Round 1-doubles match against Cervanova/Koukalova today! Schedule

News[23-06-2005]: A hard Round 2-fight, but Sveta took revenge for the Dubai defeat! She beat Mirza 6:4, 6:7, 6:4.

News[22-06-2005]: Sveta faces Mirza in her Round 2-match today! Remember Dubai and give the right answer. Schedule

News[20-06-2005]: Sveta won her opening match 6:0, 6:1 against Llewellyn!

News[20-06-2005]: Sveta has entered the doubles competition, too! She'll team up with Amélie Mauresmo for the first time (putting a big smile onto soubrette's face:-))!

News[20-06-2005]: The Wimbledon draw has been announced, Sveta is the 5th seed! She will face Llewellyn in her Round 1-match today. Schedule

News[20-06-2005]: Sveta was defeated by Clijsters in her semifinal match - but not without a fight! She lost in three sets 4:6, 6:3, 4:6.

News[17-06-2005]: Sveta reaches the semifinal with a 6:4, 7:5-victory against Dechy! She will face Clijsters today. Schedule

News[16-06-2005]: Sveta survived a tough opening match, winning in three sets against Chakvetadze 1:6, 6:4, 7:6! She will face Dechy today. Schedule

News[13-06-2005]: The Eastbourne draw has been announced! After a Round 1-bye as the 2nd seed, Sveta will face either Maleeva or Chakvetadze.

News[31-05-2005]: After reaching the Last 16 by winning in three sets 6:1, 2:6, 6:0 against Irvin, Sveta lost to Henin-Hardenne 6:7, 6:4, 5:7 in a thrilling match, even blowing two matchpoints!

News[26-05-2005]: A succcessful Thursday for Sveta! She wins against Arvidsson 6:3, 6:4 and defeats Ondraskova/Voracova in the doubles with Mary Pierce 6:1, 6:3.

News[24-05-2005]: A comfortable first Roland Garros-win for Sveta! She defeated Johansson 6:1, 6:1.

News[22-05-2005]: The Roland Garros draw has been announced! Sveta is seeded 6th and will face Johansson in Round 1.

News[15-05-2005]: Big Rome disappointment for Sveta! After a Round 1-bye as the 5th seed, she lost her Round 2-match against Suarez 2:6, 4:6.

News[07-05-2005]: Sveta lost the Berlin quarterfinal against Schnyder 2:6, 2:6!

News[05-05-2005]: Sveta won her Last 16-match after a heavy and incredible claycourt-fight against Martinez 5:7, 6:4, 6:4! She will play Schnyder in the quarterfinal tomorrow. Schedule

News[04-05-2005]: Sveta is the 4th seed in Berlin. She won her Round 2-match against Maleeva 6:2, 6:1 today and will play Martinez tomorrow! Schedule

News[04-05-2005]: Sveta lost the Warsaw final against Henin-Hardenne 6:3, 2:6, 5:7!