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Birth Date 27/06/1985,

The first time I really noticed Svetlana Kuznetsova (aka Sveta, Kuzzie or Special K.) was during her semifinal match against Lindsay Davenport at the US Open 2004. Of course I had already heard about her before, but until that September evening she hadn’t been more for me than “that young Russian who played doubles with Martina Navratilova last year.”


Following that three-set-thriller in front of my TV, I became more and more fascinated by Sveta’s play the longer the match lasted. Her strong serve, the amazing forehand and her fighting attitude really impressed me! There was no question that I had to follow the final against Elena Dementieva the next day, as well, and that I was very happy for Sveta when she finally won the title.


Obviously, I now wanted to know who that young woman from St. Petersburg was. I tried to find information on the Internet for the next weeks and regularly followed her matches. The more I learned about Sveta the stronger I got stuck on her – and not only her excellent tennis but also her adorable character.


That was why I was quite surprised when I realized that one can indeed find some information on Sveta in the media or on-line but not nearly as much as on many other top players, especially not as much as on the other Russians.

I’d like to try to fill that spot as well as possible by running this fan page dedicated to Svetlana, aiming to offer you some interesting information, recent news, a complete tournament archive and a place to follow her great tennis.


Please feel free to contact me via guestbook or e-mail, no matter whether you would just like to say hello, call my attention to any interesting news or make suggestions on how I could improve this site.


soubrette, in February 2005


mail to: svetlanakuznetsovafanpage@yahoo.com


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